Sweet, tart, creamy and boozy are the words to describe this dessert cocktail. Chocolate and raspberry liqueur, raspberry vodka and a touch of cream makes a perfect after dinner treat. 

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As the story goes, the chocolate martini was invented by Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor when the two combined their love for vodka martinis and chocolate. The recipe has evolved over the years and for this recipe we're adding raspberry into the mix. It's easy to make so don't worry if you're not versed in mixology. 

What You Need For This Recipe

  • Chocolate Liqueur
  • Creme De Cocoa
  • Raspberry Vodka or Unflavored Vodka
  • Raspberry Liqueur 
  • Half and Half or Bailey Irish cream
  • Ice
  • Fresh Raspberries
  • Shaved Chocolate

How to Make Chocolate Raspberry Martini

This chocolate and raspberry martini recipe includes two types of chocolate alcohol, chocolate liqueur and cream de cacao. Using both of these gives rich and velvety chocolate martini, however they can easily replaced by adding more of one or the other.

Chocolate liquor like Godiva, comes in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Its has a mild chocolatey, milky flavor and a creamy texture. Cream de cacao also comes in white or dark. The dark version has a rich dark chocolate flavor with hints of vanilla whereas the white has a milk chocolate flavor also with vanilla notes. Either varieties will work for this recipe but the color will yield a light or darker hue based on which you choose.

To give the martini its raspberry flavor, we're adding in raspberry liqueur and raspberry vodka. However regular vodka will also to the trick. 

  • Chocolate Liqueur - Godiva is the original brand of the chocolate martini. Another great option is Mozart
  • Creme De Cocoa - DeKuyper’s is the easiest to find and the cheapest. A higher end option Tempus Fugi. 
  • Raspberry Vodka - Stolichnaya is my go to vodka brand. Stirnoff also has a raspberry flavor as a second option
  • Raspberry Liqueur - Di Amore is a great inexpensive brand but, Chambord is the best raspberry liqueur there is with the price tag to match.
This recipe is quite strong but if you want it even stronger, replace the half and half with Bailey Irish cream or any other cream liqueur.

To Shake or Stir, That Is the Question

Stirring incorporates the flavors in a less forceful which allows for less dilution of ice. Cocktail of solely liquor are traditionally made this way.

Shaking a cocktail makes it much colder than stiring. It also aerates the drink, changing the texture and making it cloudy in appearance. The general rule is cocktail containing, milk or cream, egg whites or fruit juices should always be shaken. 

Quite frankly in my opinion it doesn't really matter for this recipe. I've had them both ways, having it stirred because I didn't fill like breakout equipment. It just depends about who your serving. Because this drink is served without ice you want it to stay cold for as long as it's being sipped. 

So if your serving this as an after dinner cocktail to guests, I would shake it. It'll allow them to mingle without their drink getting warm too fast. However, if your making this for yourself feel free have less dishes to wash and have it stirred. 

Tips For Making This Recipe

  • You can easily the Creme de cocao or chocolate liqueur adding more of one or the other.
  • Unlike creme de cocoa, chocolate liquors like Godiva contain milk. So if you don't want as much of a creamy, milky taste reduce or exclude the half and half.
  • Shaking this cocktail will give you a colder drink. So if serving to guest, shake not stir.
  • The drink is quite strong on it's own but if you can handle it, try using an Irish Creme liquor instead of half and half it's delicious!